About Us

About Us

Zhong·ADK advertising agency, whose prototype is the office in Beijing, China, is founded by the famous Japanese 4A advertising group ADK (ASATSU-DK).

After a few years of rapid development, Zhong·ADK is managed to operate independently basing on ADK’s establishment. It successfully acquired investment from China (Taiwan), Japan, Korea, and more areas, and it had transformed into an international Sino-foreign joint venture communications group (ZHONG COMMUNICATIONS GROUP)

The company’s headquarter is currently established in Beijing, meanwhile, ADK group has service network stations in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu in China, Taipei Taiwan, Tokyo Japan, Seoul Korea, and Kenya Africa.

As an integrated advertising service agency & creative culture industry development company, Zhong·ADK’s service covers the areas of “Business Planning and Sales Strategies, Branding Strategies, Creative Designs, Public Relations Activities Execution, Media Strategies and Buying, Internet Interactions, Exhibitions Hosting, Application and Promotion of New Technologies, Creative Culture Developments, Sales of Signature Cartoon IPs’ Copyright, Field Investigations of International Companies and Markets ……” and many other functions.

The company’s business develops rapidly, thus we are looking forward to have you join us and create the future together.
The company offers the following special benefits :
1. Every year there must be an oversea tour for mental, physical stretching and relaxing.
2. Opportunities to visit oversea markets together with clients, having communications trainings, and learning from field investigations.
3. The company has its own café and outdoor courtyard, prefect for enjoying tea and desserts at any time.
4. Work-Rest balance is necessary, fitness equipment + all types of game machines + comic books and toys all are available for playing at any time.
5. The company has the workforce development evaluation 4 times a year. No worries to ask for more salary if you do deserve it.
6. Senior professionals, internationalized teams, foreigners, and oversea returnees…… it is a good platform for young people from various countries to grow “One Belt And One Road”.
7. The office is located close to the subway station, which makes commuting convenient.
8. The working space is designed as an open library that is stored with abundant professional books. Study is a life-time mission.
9. Work pressure is overwhelming? Team Building events are ready to take place at any time (Karaoke, Travelling) because the Boss is willful. Other benefits and advantages are right here waiting for you to explore.

Case Introduction
  • France Danone Activia TVC Advertisement

  • Mengniu GuanYiRu TVC Advertisement

  • Jinmailang Drinks LiangBaiKai advertisement sidelights

  • Tik Tok U.S Version TVC advertisement

  • German Valentin Beer TVC advertisement

  • Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water TVC advertisement

Our Clients
Service Network

Service Network

Constructed conjunctively by associations from China(Taiwan), Japan, Korea, and many other areas, ADK owns over 20 embranchments in 9 cities all over the world,

with a total of over 600 workers world widely, and over 40 foreign (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan areas) permanent consultant professionals, which is available for the clients’ personal services, and business consulting.

The business strategy department has many experienced senior executives to guide our company’s business development, help clients to predict marketing accurately and perceive opportunities thoroughly.

As an internationalized, professional multi-faceted advertising communications group,

we firmly believe in the importance of executing the strategy of “read a lot and make trip further”. Except from the investigation of ordinary Chinese market and the clients’ case study, in the meantime, our company will ensure the opportunity to visit oversea markets and factories with our clients once a year, which would provide our clients with deeper insights, more macroscopic long-term overall arrangement, and more perspective business strategy in accordance with the “One Belt And One Road” branding development plan suggested by the Chinese government, upgrading your products and branding to synchronize the international level and present in the world stage following China’s development.

Recruitment Information

Recruitment Information

If you are looking for the opening positions listed above, please send resume and relevant portfolio to: hr@zhong-group.com

Contact Us

Zhong·ADK Communications Group
Address: #8-11 Honeycomb Creative Zone, Line One International, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Zip Code: 100025
Telephone: 010-59673380
Email : hr@zhorng-goup.com